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 Name:   GREYSHOCK SHAWN  Dates:   Any To
 Role:   Any  Town:   Any  Document Type:   Any
Name File Date Party Number Type Town # Pgs. Book/Vol/Page
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 09/21/2021 Indirect 32287 AMEND O & G 2 TOWNS 24 DE/18612/450
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 09/17/2021 Indirect 31981 AMEND O & G 2 TOWNS 19 DE/18609/369
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 07/16/2021 Grantor 23025 O & G 2 TOWNS 19 DE/18517/492
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 04/01/2021 Grantee 9816 O & G 2 TOWNS 12 DE/18384/71
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 07/21/2020 Direct 17610 AMENDMENT AGREEMENT 2 TOWNS 15 DE/18074/251
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 04/20/2020 Grantor 9885 O & G 2 TOWNS 13 DE/17994/582
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 05/24/2018 Direct 15059 AMEND ASGMT OIL & GAS 2 TOWNS 45 DE/17220/11
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 11/29/2017 Direct 37207 ASGMT BILL OF SALE 2 TOWNS 66 DE/17030/1
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 10/31/2017 Grantor 34063 O & G 2 TOWNS 35 DE/16998/106
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 06/24/2014 Direct 16559 ASGMT O & G 2 TOWNS 15 DE/15643/125
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 07/11/2012 Direct 17377 ASGMT O & G 2 TOWNS 20 DE/14944/201
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 07/02/2012 Indirect 16534 ASGMT O & G 2 TOWNS 36 DE/14936/371
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 07/09/2010 Grantor 18332 O & G FRAZER TP 3 DE/14319/558
GREYSHOCK SHAWN 09/18/1998 Grantee 27294 DEED FRASIER TP 5 DE/10299/574

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